Sunday, August 2, 2009

Slightly Pressed

A little blurb about how I paint custom guitars for Fender as hand picked by Master Carpenter
Jason Smith.


Stratoblogster said...

Nice! I'm gonna include you in an upcoming feature on guitar graphics artists.


Lysa Provencio said...

Thanks JP! Let me know about it please when you do.

GaryMaddox said...

I also saw your feature on Boing-Boing. I am an amateur builder and have been planning on something similar myself. Please provide more details! Are you painting in acrylic or oil???
JP at Stratoblogster is a great guy too!

Lysa Provencio said...

Gary: I use acrylic and Fender varnishes it in the end and Jason Smith builds the rest of it up. I also used ink and pencil... I did use a spray fixative at times.